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 Beef Jerky
Dry Aged Charolais/Charolais Cross
4 oz. Each
1 Pack
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Discover Beef Experience Tasters Pack - Filet

(Two steaks from each of the four styles)
Regular: 8 steaks, 6 to 8 oz. each

The Classic "New York" Strip Loin Also known as a Kansas City Steak or Shell Steak, this is a classic steakhouse steak, great for the grill or cast iron pan. Cut 1" thick. 8 to 10 oz. Wet Aged Wagyu-Angus Cross, 4-Pack. US$139.95
Dry Aged Steak Burgers

These Steak Burgers are truly unique as they are made from dry-aged steak trimmings and come from a single source, the Elliott / Ferris families' Charolais and Charolais-Cross beef. 80/20 lean meat, they are great for the grill or the fry pan.

8 Pack, 6 oz Steak Burgers $19.95

Ground Beef This fabulous ground beef is truly unique as it is both dry-aged and comes from a single source, the Elliott / Ferris families' Charolais and Charolais Cross. 90/10 lean meat, it contains nothing other than steak and trim. Perfect for tacos, lasagnas, or add a little olive oil and seasoning and make your own gourmet burgers.

2 Pack, 1 lb. each $13.95

Bratwurst Sausage When we cut your Filet Mignon, New York Strip Loin, Rib-Eye, and Sirloin steaks, some great steak trimmings are left over. We've blended these into these terrific Bratwurst sausages, recipe courtesy of the team at C&C Processing in Diller, Nebraska. Wow, steak sausages!

4 Pack, 4 oz. Sausages $12.95